Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shigefusa stone Ohira Range suita

After i read Hides blog about Shigefusa stones.
I was very excited and asked my soars that sold that stone to Shigefusa to get one similar for me :)

So i just got it today :)
It is Ohira Range suita mine is without toxic lines or inclusions and i can not feel any lines on it !
I just try it out on my kasumi Moritaka, that stone is amazing i am bit surprised that it is so hard i thought it was much more softer stone  but its not , it is very very fast as you can see it is only black swarf on the stone without any slurry. Finish is like on Shigefusa knifes :)
Now i have a stone i can relate to when i peak some stones and finger-stones for Shigefusa knifes !!

Here is pics of my new stone :)


  1. WOW! That is a truly beautiful stone, Max. So full of renge and no toxic lines. It is a gemstone. Congratulations.


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  3. Ha Ha i have seen your last comment :)
    Yes i think that too !!
    Thanks i am very excited to put that stone in to work !