Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Back from Japan

Just Came back from my business trip in Japan !!
Good news that i have many Videos and Pictures back from Kato Shigefusa and Iwasaki !!!!

BAD NEWS is that my Main computer hard drive just got Crazy ;( And need a repair. It will take bit time to restore all data. Also it is easter in DK So it will take extra time to ship packeges ! ;( From next week i should ship and respond normaly
I will try to answer all emails as soon as possible. A lot of catching up to do :)

Thank you very much for your pations and support !

Monday, March 31, 2014

Japan trip and Some News

This is the Last Shipment i get from Japan before my trip !!!

I will like to tell you a bit what i will do on Japan this time:
This time i will not go to Kyoto or any Stone shops.
I will only visit Blacksmith that i work with already:

This time i will try to Make Small movies About them and what they do
So that is my Main goal with this Japan visit
Of coarse like always i will learn some polishing sharpening technics there :)

I will be in Japan from 5th April 2014 to 16 April 2014
So i will not be able to answer your emails or ship any Packages at that time.
You will still be able to buy anything from my Web Store, But i will first Ship it when i get home
Last Shipping date before my trip is 4th April 2014

So now to what i got in todays Package :D

Some things is back in stock !!

Wooden Mandolin slicer is Back in stock !
Popular Japanese small Benriner is Back
Cool Japanese shears
Kato 210mm Workhorse Gyuto
Camellia Oil

Shigefusa 195mm Kasumi Usuba is in Stock now !! ONLY one

Asano Naguras
I got very good Size Asano Koma in stock only 2 :P

Some Botan Naguras extra Big

For NEW Stones

2 Very hard Ozuku Koppas

And 2 Very cool Ohira Range Suitas

Sunday, March 30, 2014

JNS Trailer

My first ever attempt as trailer maker :D

This Japan trip i will try to make very good videos of Kato and Shigefusa
This is my goal with this Years Japan visit

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

T-shirts, New Stones and more

I got small package today from Japan

First what is back in stock :)
20 000 Kanyama Strop
All Atomas diamond plates 140, 400 and 600
Big beautiful light Tomo Naguras
Asano Naguras set of 3

I added New category with JNS Gear
New cool Polo Shirts is already in stock ! M-L-XL size

Some cool Aprons is on the way :D

Also i got some stones for Razors
Bunch of Shoubudani type 100, Beautiful fine small Razor finishers

2 Very Beautiful Nakayama san type

And 3 Big Super fine Ozuku for Razors

Also i got some new Rustic meat Choppers from itinomonn
Some of them is send out to Sweden to get New handles on
But i kept some to sell without, if you wish to be creative and make handle your self :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Annual Sponser Japan Trip

As i alwais do before i go to Japan, is to make some discounts, both to get some more funds for new stuff and to clean up the stock i already have :D

This time i will also like it to be bit fun. 

Discount will Start Today at 5th March 18:00 Danish time 

18:00 to 19:00 there will be 10% discount on ALL Japanese Natural Stones and JNS Synthetics and Knives 
19: 00 to 20:00 There will be 15% discount on Everything in the Store ! 
20:00 to 21:00 There will be 20% discount on ALL Japanese Natural Stones and JNS Synthetics
21:00 to 22:00 There will be 25% discount on ALL Japanese Natural Stones and JNS Synthetics
22:00 to 23:00 There will be 30% discount on ALL Japanese Natural Stones and JNS Synthetics

How long do you dare to wait !!! :)
When something sold out then it is it ! 

That will be last Discount before my Trip to Japan and JNS Gathering 

You have to USE this Discount code at Checkout: JapanTrip 

I will update this code with Discount at given time

Friday, February 14, 2014

Good News

Again sorry to all that i am way to late to respond to all your emails !! :( I am still bit behind with privet and JNS
But i can see it get much better
Thank you so much for your Patience 

I still have One Shigefusa 240mm Kasumi Gyuto in stock ;)

Today i added some new Itinomonn
And found out good News That i got new stock much cheaper then i expected
So now i have lowered the prices on ALL Itinomonn knives !!!

Now they are just even better deal to buy :D

So here are some new:

ALL V2 and SS cladding

2 x Sujihikis 300mm and 270mm

very long waited 270mm Gyuto, i put Big Octagonal Chestnut handle on it as i think it fits much better for this big knife

And instead of our Old Zensho Nakiri and Santoku we made EVEN better SS clad Itinomonn with much better FF then before

Also today i added ONLY 3 Vintage Aotos that i think is super quality !!

And One double sided Maruichi Nakayama for Razor users

Monday, January 20, 2014

Suwada, Shears and Stones

Time to Add new Products to the store :)

I have in long time thought about carrying Suwada Nail Clippers and not it is time.
I got some super prices and now can offer them to a very good price !

If someone don't know about Suwada, it is about the best Nail Clippers maker in Japan
Located in Sanjo, Niigata


Same time i also added Carbon steel Shears made in Sanjo
Can be used in Kitchen or as Pruning Shears

I also got many stuff back in stock !!

Binsui type 30

Clean Blue Aotos

Japanese Fish Scaler

And our Japanese Mortars

NEW Stones

For Knives i got :



And for Razors Bunch of Nakayama Koppas

Thats it for now :D
Thank you very much for your Support !!