Saturday, April 26, 2014


Overview from i got back from Japan 

Sorry i did not post much but was busy to get back to all emails shipping packing etc.  and also i have gathering coming this week that i need to prepair for :P 

So here you go small overview :) 

Japan trip 2014 to Shigefusa Family

Ones again i was confirmed how rare and how unique Shigefusa knives is. Shigefusa knives is forged and shaped with traditional tools as Sen and stones by older and younger sons. Then sharpened and expected by Father, With Natural and Synthetick stones.
They take very good time on every single knife they make.
I hope you guys enjoy as much as i do
And i am now even more proud of selling and owning Shigefusa knives.
To see how much work go in to every single knife is Amazing.
With so much work for single knife, Shigefusa knives is a huge deal !!

All stones that i chooses in Japan this time is up On website :D
All of them is bit special as i tested them also there and back here. And took some of the best.
Many Many Nakayamas as they are most important, But also others like Ozuku Wakasa Okudo etc etc.

Knives from the Japan trip is online now
Some Beautiful Kato Hunting knives

And Very cool New rustic Itinomonn Bunka 190mm

You can see them all Here: New Knives

Also there is Some products that is Back in stock
Tomo Nagura
Itinomonn 210 KU Gyutos

I am also in progress of making cool Videos of Kato
That i will post on You Tube when i am finished editing :D

And i am still not finished posting all Pictures on Facebook so keep watching

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Thank you very much for your pationce 

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