Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Visit to KIYOSHI KATO 2014

On our trip in 2014 We visited Mr. Kiyoshi Kato
Licensed sword smith and knife maker in Hokuto City, Japan
Mr. Kato still make his knives in traditional way forging in charcoal and quenching with water
He also using Sen for his swords as well as his Knives
In the video you will see Short demonstration of making our Yoshiaki Fujiwara - The Workhorse Gyutos
We do not show all process ! Using this old tools to make knives is very labor intensive job!
And Kato usually produce ONLY 1 regular knife in 2 days

Besides knives he is still making Swords from Super Rare, over 200 Years old Tamahagene Steel, that his grandfather and other ancestors collected over the years.

He makes all His knives/swords Only by him self without any help !
I Really hope you will enjoy this video and his knives/tools as well as i do !

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