Friday, November 11, 2011

Japan trip part 1 Tokyo

Finally took my self together and started to write about my trip :)

First flying with worlds biggest passenger plane was really a pleasure service and space was much better then reguler long distance planes and it dose not feel that long of the trip as it can be.


In Tokyo we visited Aritsugu, Sugimoto, Nenohi and Masamoto

My impression  of Tokyo shops:

I am not big fan of big towns and i must admit i liked Kyoto and Sanjo best :)
Prices was also more expensive in Tokyo.
Shops was very very small and had very limited stock.
I was very impressed by FF of Nenohis knives !! They was most beautiful and best finished knifes i have seen in Tokyo !

Knife shops had limited stock of natural stones usually soft Hideryama or Takashima.

The most impressive thing about Tokyo is they food i am a big fan of raw fish and raw meat so Japan for me is heaven :) 

We went to all we can eat sushi and in Tsujiki marked we had small meal of rice boul with variety of raw fish.
We had very limited time in Tokyo so of coarse my experience is very short.

Over all people, hotel personal and service was very nice in Tokyo for the big town.  

Will continue....


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