Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Many New stones and Knives in the Store

Got some very nice and affordable Ohiras for knive !!
In very big size ! Price starts at 140 euro :)

2 super nice Hakka stones one is Nashiji the other is Range suita 
Very good for Honyakis or harder steel knives give very nice sandblasted finish !

And More for Knives is Yaginoshimas super nice for finishing high end knives and quite fast stones !! 

For razors i Got Shoubu and Ozukus one of them is super Rare beast :D 
Unestly i never seen one like it Ozuku Asagi with purple Range 

And finally check out many new High end knives in my webstore !! 
I added 2 last Shigefusa KU pettys 150 mm :( It will be the last ones for that price !! 

I will aslo add many new pictures and info to other knives i have already later.

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