Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week off

I am very excited because next week I will get a visit from my stone and knife supplier, who is flying in from Japan for the occasion! 
So, I will take a week off from, 12-February to 19-February. During this time, I will not ship any packages and my email replies will also be postponed until after 19-February!

I have many new Japanese knives from Sanjo; some high carbon steel and some semi-stainless. These knives are all handmade one at a time by some of the best blacksmiths in Sanjo.
I currently have almost all of them in stock, but due to the sharpening lesson on 14-February, most stocked knives will be reserved for the attendees. However, after the lesson is complete, the ones that are not sold will be placed for sale online. :)
If you are interested, I already placed some online…so go check them out! Or email me for requests !

Thank you for your suport !!! 

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