Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 New Stones

Just got 2 new to my collection

Deal was that i send my supplier my Rare western Naturals and he send me his.
So i did not know what i get to make it bit fun
So i Shipped him my Eschers, Coticules and some French Nat stone.

And here is what i got for first batch i get 3 more stones next week

First one blows Aizu in all !!!! Rarity and performance
When i looked at it i thought Aoto and i got straight answer that is not Aoto !!!!
It is Saeki, and not just reguler Saeki it is black Saeki witch is very Rare, you can stil get brown Saekis if you are lucky, but they are much much softer and very slow and lower grit more like Amakusa stones !!

It hase some sparkels all over the stone, very difficult to see on the picture. But very beautiful in person.
All Lines and small inclusions is not toxic at all and even can not be field.
It took me about 1 hr to lap it with 140grit Atoma !! Then i just gave up and there are stil some deep lines in the stone, they will go away with time
Fines of that stone is approx same as Very fine Aoto but speed man..... !!!! I took my Honyaki witch is super hard to sharpen and it took no time to raze a burr and finish was super uniform !
Wow this is my new favored medium stone ! it cuts like 1k maybe lower but finishes like 4k with mud maybe 6k.

Here is some pictures there will come some videos later

Second is 3 kg Shinden suita Raw stone. Also Very Rare huge stone !
At first i thought i will cut it up for Naguras, because of all those lines and very weird shape.
But after i have tried it with my tools , kanna, chisels and kuri, i decided to kip it. Lines was not toxic at all and shape was super nice for tools !
Very very fast stone and leves amezing finish lv 4,5 for sure maybe even more but super fast.
i undestand why all woodworkers in japan go for those yellow suitas like Shinden or Okudo, you will need only 1 stone for your work space
And you can just leve it as display stone, because it looks so cool

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