Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Deals :)

We got 3 Shigefusa Aveilble without waitning time !! :)
They are on the way to us from Japan and will be her next week !

Damascus, Kitaeji Yanagi 330mm = SOLD 

Damascus Kitaeji santoku 195mm = SOLD 

Kasumi Yanagi 240mm = 355 euro (442euro inc. VAT) 

Note: including Shipping Worldwide
          EU costumers have to pay VAT
          US and other countries prices without VAT

Send me email if you will like to buy one of those, here and now !!!

I just set some discount on All Ohiras in the Store ! 
All cost now 130 euro !!!! (except one) 
That is super price for nice and huge Japanese Natural Stone  !
It will be only this batch limited for that price ! So nice deal for beginners !

We got 4 last Zensho knives in stock for that super price !!!
It will be last 4 knives we sell to that price ! 
2 Pettys

2 Gyutos

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