Saturday, April 14, 2012

2 Rarities

First one i have for sale in my webstore :)

I got 2 custom made Hunting knives from Yoshi with Custom made handles out of very Rare Japanese wood Jindai-Keyak, unlike ordinary Zelkova, it has elegant dark brown color. ”Jindai” means the age of gods which refers to an ancient time before Emperor Kanmu (737-806) ascended the throne. It dates back over 2600 years, although we never know Jindai-Keyaki is truly from that ancient time. However, it is said at least more than 1000 years is needed to be dyed in its deep tone of a color.

They are made with hand forged hammer finish bulster and mosaic pin.
Steel is SKD

Next is for my private collection 40 years old Shigefusa 165mm gyuto.
It was one of his first knives that was named Shigefusa, i am very proud of owning something like that !! :D 

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