Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Damascus Yoshikane

Got also Damascus version.

Those is super thin behind the edge, and profile is one of the best for Sujihiki, Yoshikanes special Heat Treatment make them amazingly easy to sharpen.
And edge holds for a VERY long time ! 
Also from SLD (D2) steel and super hard, flex is very limited ! 
Damascus version is bit more thinner and lighter then Kasumi version, and have octagonal handle.
But you can look up the specs. on my website :) 

I also got 3 Western Black Damaskus in SLD , 1 of each. I think i will rehandle them with some exotic stabilized wood and mosaic pins.
But you can also do it your self and buy them as they are :) 
I will wait to put them on website to i decide what to do with them maybe i even kip one my self :D

Email me if you are interested in one !!

150 mm Petty 

270mm Suji 

240 mm Gyuto

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