Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yoshikane SLD Suji

I got some Yoshikane/Zensho 270mm Suji
For first time they are made os SLD steel without Damaskus, first time i asked Yoshikane to make them, he told me he only make SLD in Damaskus.
But i was able to get only 2 in SLD Kasumi as mistake :D !!

This Suji has just perfect profile wide at handle and narrow at tip, make it also very good as multipurpose knife. Super thin behind the edge and still very little flex because of super hard SLD steel.
With that knife i can clearly see the different between SKD (A2) with 0.95 carbon and SLD (D2) with 1.5 carbon.

It have been a while since i made cutting video, but when i got the knife i just wanted to cut something :D

So here you go 270 mm Suji SLD 

Made also one for his 240 mm Gyuto in SKD 

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