Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yosihide and Stones

New Knives !!!

These are very special knives and was announce first to my email subscribers !!

These are made by Iizukas son Yosihide maker of Shigefusa knives.
They are made exact as Shigefusa knives, same steel, same process and same care, just bit cheaper and finish is maybe bit better.
I think, i am the first one ever to offer these for sale outside Japan and i got only very limited stock ( waiting time on this is same as Shigefusa knives ) !!!

Usuba 195 mm SOLD
Wa Gyuto 270mm SOLD
Deba 135mm SOLD
Funayuki 175mm SOLD
Yanagi 210mm SOLD

UPDATE: Unfortunately they are all already SOLD :( 
I will try to get more but it will take some time ! (Pictures will come later when knives arrives :)

Next i got Many Red Aotos +++ in stock :)

And JNS 1000 is also in stock again !!!

Very nice new Ozuku type 40 Mizo Asagi

And new Travellers Shoubudanis for Razor users

I am also going to cary Atoma diamond plates you can see them already in the store :)

There will be more news on my blogger later this week ! :)

Thank you very much for your Support !!!
Maksim Enevoldsen, JNS

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