Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cool Stuff

Got some cool Stones and knives i will bring with me to Sharpening Class.

Firs my Rainbow stone Nakayama, most expensive stone i ever bought :happymug: 
Super fine, i will say hardnes of it is lv 3,5 but fines is around 5 Coloring is just insane much better in person then on Picture !!
I have never seen stone like that Never !! And my supplier too ! 

That One is NOT FOR SALE !

Next i got prototype of my New JNS 6k :D
Thats stone is fantastik very good both for razors and knifes extra hard but not to hard.
I will have them in stock in a week or 2

Please let me know if already know you want one !! So i know how many to order ! 

Also i got some Yoshikane Bone Choppers without handles, i will bring them with to to Sharpening class too. 

These 3 stones will also come:

Okudo Suitas Koppa quite cheap for Okudos Suitas and they come quite Rare in white 
Very very cool stones !! 

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