Thursday, June 28, 2012

Many new things :)

I have worked whole night with taking pictures and adding new products :)

So here you go:

3 very cheap razor finishers Ozuku Asagis Lv 5+

2 new very fine Nakayama koppas

2 Vintage Maruka Nakayama full size 

Beautiful Ohira Range Suita 

Red Junhonyama 

Shoubudani Asagi (Razor finisher) 

And last stone is Hakka 

All are on my website now JapaneseNaturalStones 

Some knives :)

Yoshikane bone Choppers 160mm white 2 steel, with or without Handle 

80mm Yoshikane Hunting or utility knives with some Redwood burl 

Black Damascus Western Sujihiki 270mm in SLD steel, Redwood burl handle with matching Saya 

Are under Custom Knives

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