Monday, July 30, 2012


Ok i need to start somewhere

I have many emails to reply, ship many packages and many new products to add.
Also i will send some Shigefusa emails for those who is signed in

I will make brief post on what its coming i will add many of those products slowly to my store.

First of all Red Aotos is in stock now with 140 Atomas !!!

Also i got more hors hide razor strops for razor lovers

Tise 2 stones Yaginoshima and Ohira will be very cheap in the store soon !!

As you know i run out of all my Ohira white range suitas and have to get more from Ohira owner.
So this time I got new batch of Ohira Yellow Range suitas they are more expensive this time but well worth it. I got total about 14 and first 4 is sold.
They have bit more buttery feeling then White suitas i sold and bit softer but stil Lv 3 or 3,5. And very fine

Next time i have to get them they will be even more expensive ,As i choose only the best and finest ones !!
But still price is very cheap compared to other retailers in Japan !

Here wher we get them

From this picture only 1 will make it on website, i will post it as soon as possible.

Huge Atagoyama Nashiji will come up soon too !

Ohira big Naguras 

Here is most exceeding news, Finally i am ready to announce Yoshiaki Fujiwara (Kato)
I was testing this knives very long time

They are super special knives !! All started with that i asked my source about some knife maker that is similar to Shigefusa and even maybe better.
He very quickly recommended me Kato as he think his steel is one of the best and his process of making is still all by hand even maybe more then Shig.
I ask him to send me some prototypes pettys and gyutos for test. Price was about Shigefusas but when i got them i thought wow what a crapy knives !!! I was very disappointed specially for the price !!
FF was crap they was super thick more like half debas and they was just ugly.
Then i cut with one and wow i changed my mind very quickly then i sharpen it and cut again wow man i thought it was impossible that that thick knife can cut so well !! Well it was thick and why not cut some chickin with it and i did not chip i was beginning to think i am quite crazy it cuts like lazier but at same time can chop some bones and not chip and it also got super sharp and holds its edge forever

Anyway i thought it was something wrong with me because how can i sell a knife that is uglier and thicker then Shig for more price. So i sold my first batch to my wholesale price to some test persons.
They all came with same results as me. Then i did Sharpening class in June and people was as surprised as me, at the end of the event they came and told me what is that crap lying on the table then i told them try to cut with them !! And they was all sold. I hope some of them will comment here

They have very very unique grind and steel on them is very hard they feel like Kasumi Honyaki knives and stile sharpens very nicely (steel is secret BTW but it is full carbon laminated !

After that i reconsidered these knives and made some changes! We rounded the spine and choil and made them bit thinner but still with same grind and put our own kanji on back side that translates "WORKHORSE"
As it is only made for me that way

They will be more expensive then Shigefusa but will also preform better i think !

I will add these knives as soon i get some burn chestnut handles on them

I also got some project for my self some Yoshikane SKD Western that i will need to make some handles for 240mm and 210mm they are quite good deal i love these knives for normal home daly use.

Thats it for now there will be much more later this week and next week i have a lot new stuff coming in.
Remember i will be quite slow on my emails and packages as i am totally behind everything 
I am Sorry for that !

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