Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shigefusa Western Kitaeji

3 Shigefusa Western Kitaeji Gyutos 210mm project !

One is for me other 2 is sold for my costumers :)
I got them custom ordered from Shigefusa without handle

These are true forget with integral bolster without forge welding bolster on, witch is very difficult and very expensive process. They use a lot of Kitaeji material on these knives !!
Shigefusa makes his own Damascus by blending carbon steel and iron that makes cladding much more harder and stronger then other Damascus or clad knives !

You can see Kitaeji patterns on the tang

I choosed 2 Redwood burl and 1 Koa

My new Milani handcut Rasps 

Now final products Koa and Redwood scales

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