Monday, November 26, 2012

New Products

First some notes: our Knife Giveaway/Contest Ends 1 December 2012, so hurry up it is for all a chance to win free high end Japanese knife !!

Also Support Chat is now available on JNS don't hesitate to contact me with any questions !!

Now A LOT OF New things from Japan :)

Kanenori Nata Hatchet 135 mm

Very Beautiful Ohira White Range !!

Special Made Saw For JNS Hardwood Kataba

Cheap Fish Knife from Kunio Isikawa

Rare Set of Kiridashi from Sakamitu
Tha is not longer made !

2 sizes of Saya Nomi now in Stock 25mm and 14mm

Cheap Ohira koppas Can be used as large Naguras or small polishing stone

And long waited Aizu unfortunately only one !

Also we got many NOS Japanese Razors check them out in Razor section

Type 30 White Binsui and Red Aoto is also in Stock again !

Thats it for now :) 

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