Friday, November 9, 2012

News in the Store !

So 3 more big packeges from Japan today !

With stones, knifes and tools

I start with Kato

210mm 240mm Gyutos is now in stock only 2 etch

2 x 270mm Suji also in stock !

Big type 30 White Binsui is back in stock !

Zensho gift set or beginner set is available with gift wrapping !

165mm Santoku VG10 and 165mm Nakiri white 2

For the ladys or for the man that do not use they teeth

Maruto nail pro nail clippers, also including gift wrapping

Old stock Marusoku Nail Hammer
They are not made anymore !

Iwasaki Kuri Kogatana 130mm

Thats it for today, more to come tomorrow

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