Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nakayama Kiita

Got some more bad news today about pressures Nakayama kiita

Seems like prices on them gone up very high again and all what i going too cary of them can be count on my fingers, because they will be just to expensive for me to buy !
Prices for a good quality Nakayama Kiita in Kyoto now from 500 000 yen and up and seems to be rising

So bit info why they are so popular and so valued.
(that is my opinion why)

First they are very very popular amount carpenters in japan for finishing
Why simply because Nakayama Kiita (yellow) is the finest of all kiitas out there, you can see swarf very easy and its super fine for its hardness, it means that it feels very very smooth !

It is one of the stones that you can try and say YES that is Nakayama ! Other Kiitas just feel very different and never so fine.
Even at some very low hardness like Lv 3 Nakayma Kiita can get fines as same stone in Lv 5

Here i made a little video on Nakayma Kiita tasting on white steel nr1 Kiridashi, very hard steel !!!

From Softest to Hardest

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