Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Disclaimers

Why you should choose JNS for your Natural stones needs! 

All natural stones we carry are hand picked especially for JNS by our Japanese partner! These stones are top quality, direct imports from Japan. We do not buy stones in bulk or from only one particular source. We always choose the best that can be found in all of Japan. Furthermore, the stones which arrive go through a second and very thorough screening process where we select the very best of what was already hand selected for us by our Japanese partner. To allow for the best descriptions, we take detailed pictures and make short videos of each stones various characteristics. We find that this effectively demonstrates a stones full capability in various situations. Sometimes it may take weeks of intense testing for us to decide if we want to sell a particular stone! Some stones never make it to the website simply because they do not perform to our exacting standards! These factors combined are why we only seem to have a few stones available at any particular time!

We are aware that other vendors use our knowledge and stone stock as a reference for their purchasing. This allows them to seemingly provide similar stones as ours, but as you can see, we have many layers of quality control incorporated in the process of acquiring the best stones available. This ensures maximum satisfaction of our customers.
Our goal at JNS is simple. We strive to offer only the best items, that we ourselves like and use!!

JNS Knives and accessories!

All knives that JNS carry are handmade in Japan by traditional Japanese craftsmen. One of our business goals is to support these small blacksmiths as much as possible so that their knowledge and skill is successfully passed on to future generations. It is always appreciated to see the extra care and attention that so obviously goes into each piece!

All knives that we carry are carefully developed as prototypes which are then extensively tested, altered, remade, and re-tested by the blacksmith before start offering them to the public.

Similar to our selection process for Japanese Natural Stones, these prototypes go through a variety of testing procedures where we monitor various characteristics of the steel and blade performance across a range of cutting tasks. We then work closely with  Japanese blacksmiths to develop the best heat treatment, grind, and profile combinations for a successful knife. My business partner in Japan personally chooses the best pieces with the best fit and finish for us to carry in our shop.

We do not seek the cheapest models, and we never buy stock in bulk. Every piece we carry is a special order made specifically for JNS. This ensures each item is up to our exacting standards.

As always thank you very much for your Support !! :)

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