Saturday, December 22, 2012

while i am gone

I will go to Holliday's vacation 24 December to 31 December

So i will wish you guys and your family merry Christmas and happy Holidays.
And hope you will get even better new year !!

Before i go i will give you 10 % On all in the Store from 21 December til 31 December 2012 !!
Just type in at checkout in Coupon Code felt : Christmas

Next shipments will be shipped 2 January 2013 !!

Thank you very much for this year support ! We was able to bring even more exceeding stones and knives to JNS store and i sure will do so next year

More Shigefusa, Yoshikane, Kato more new cool knives and of coars many many new Japanese natural stones !

Thank you very much for this Year !!
Maksim Enevoldsen and Justina from JNS

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