Monday, January 7, 2013

Gathering for 2013 February

Gathering for 2013 February, from Friday 1 to Monday 4 February 2013

Min. 10 people
Deposit 300 DKK will be returned in form of products when showed up to Gathering
Link for signup Last Sign up Date 20 January 2013 

Location: Sjælland, Denmark i rent summerhouse as close to Copenhagen as possible
Transport: Arrange to drive with someone from Airport or by Car

Last Sign up Date 20 January 2013

Bring as many knife, razors, tools and stones you can !

Lets get it rolling, and start Scandinavian/EU sharpening club

To add even more value to the gathering, all who attends the gathering will be added to a lottery where you can win a rehandle for your favourite western knife! By Dan (Twistington) From KKF

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