Friday, February 1, 2013

Discount, Hammer, Stones

I have in Deal Of the Day added all SKD Yoshikane Zensho
It is a clearance sale, i have some more in Japan, But after that I will discontinue all SKD Yoshikane knives
I still like Yoshikane and his knives but they are now so common available and so easy to get in every country that i think i will consentrate on selling something that is not so common available outside Japan

So it is last time thing, get one while you can, as for this price will never get cheaper on thise Amazing knives !!!

I also got very special and unique Genno that is made for JNS !!

300g File finish with different quenching (honyaki like)

Master Masayuki made a Video for us how he made those super cool batch of Gennos.
Comes ready to use with Japanese Oak handle

Special Made Genno you can watch video on my website under this hammer :)

And many New stones for Razors and Knives !!!

Asano Nagura Set of 2 is Back in Stock !!

New stones

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