Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kato, Itinomonn and Stones

Finally got Kato Wa-Honesuki Single beveled :)

Usually his single beveled knives is very expensive but this i think is super resonble priced and FF is very good on them !
Tang was Huge on this so i put extra large handle on them. But it balance perfect with that knife !

So i got only 3 in Stock !

Also new Itinomonn Ku Nashiji 210mm Gyuto in stock !
Very good FF and amazing tapper to the spine !

Many Asano Botan Naguras is added to the store ! Probably best Slurry stones for knives ever. And for Razors !

And Many new Super Beautiful Stones for Knives and Razors !
Very reasonable priced this time for such Unique and Beautiful stones !!

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