Thursday, March 7, 2013

Japan Trip Fundraising

3 weeks to my annual trip to Japan to find new products, stones, knives and learn more about Japanese craft, stones etc.

This time i will be visiting in Sanjo Shigefusa, Iwasaki, Masayuki, Takeshi and many new blacksmiths
Near Tokyo, National Treasure Sword Polisher, Kato and stone shops
Kyoto, Ohira, Atagoyama and many Stone Wholesalers to find new cool stones :)

So i will clean up my stock and try to raise some money for that huge learning trip, and also so i can bring many new cool products back with me ;)

So every week from now on i will put 1 category in my store for 15 % Discount

This week i start with Kato !! Yoshiaki Fujiwara and it will run to next Thursday. Then i will start a new one.

I have limited amount of knives in Stock so when they sold there will be no more for that price !!!
So there will be 3 categories, one each week, Discounts will stop 28 March 2013 and we take of to Japan 1th to 12 April 2013

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