Saturday, April 27, 2013

Japan trip LAST

With Katos recommendation we took a visit to sword polisher that he used !
Very famous Usuki Yoshihiko !
Usuki is one of only 18 sword-polishers in the entire country who has reached the level of mukansha, which literally means “beyond appraisal.”

you can see documentary about him here 

Very cool i think that his apprentice is a lady :) !

All Jnats is soaked in water all the time !!!

I was very cures about what he thinks about modern made Japanese swords and very old more then 1000 years 
He thinks that old swords was made more softer and durable then new made swords !
As hard swords is very bad that ca brake and can not be fixed if they are bend

Old type he say is much better as they was hand-forged without any power tools. And made steel structure more flexible. But also he say old sword is much difficult to polish as steel more rubbery.

He uses approx.. 5 days on stones for polishing a sword and 5 days on finger stones. I have learned that finger stones is super important for a good polish ! He uses many different ones starts out with Uchigomori witch is first step. And finishes with what sword polishers call Narutaki, but in reallety Narutaki is small Nakayama or Shoubudani etc. finishing East stones as i could see they used Kiita because it is quite soft but still super fine !

Later on i will redo my finger stones WIKI as i learned so much from that visit !!

from right: Binsui, Natural Kaisei, Chu Nagura, Koma Nagura and Uchigomori 

Last visit in Japan :) And i was very proud of that we could visit such skillful and talented person !! 

I will make Last post sometime next week about our Japan trip as a hole and conclusion :)

Thank you all for Reading !!

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