Thursday, April 11, 2013

Japan trip part 1

Sanjo Museums and Blacksmith union

First day we arrived to Sanjo we went for little museum trip

First is Blacksmith union where all blacksmiths gather and share some knowledge or make some demo works for public

Some Iwasaki Tamahagene works

Super famous Iwasaki Tamahagene western razor !

Sharpening station with local band stones Suehiro

Very old vintage Ikarashi Natural stone also from local mine. 

Next up is local history museum witch also include some of known Blacksmiths 

 Here is very young Iwasaki san, Baba Masayuki and Iizuka san Shigefusa witch i will cover more in my other Bloggs

Some super old Tamahagene 


  1. Very cool, looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks Pierre, hope to make blogg about your razor too after all Japan trip pics been posted :D