Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Japan trip part 10

Feather Museum and Sword 

We arrived to Saki City just as a small stop before Kato visit and to get some of the good eel there :D 

Soma Large Nakayamas

Stones from EU :)

Jnats that was used for super sharp surgical tools, super hard stones 

Katana made out of Swedish SS Steel

Then we went to nearby Sword Museum with some demos of sword forging and polishing 


Ohh yeah Katos full Damascus hunting knife with Ironwood was in museum too, they sell for 800 000 yen and up in Japan but more about them next time ;)

Very very delicious Eel restaurant in Saki !! Very easy to spot that restaurant a lot of smoke outside of the grill  
Very Crispy eel with Rise and Eel lever 

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