Sunday, April 21, 2013

Japan trip part 9

Climbing Atagoyama mountain and Rare stones.

It took us 6 hrs to climb that, and after 3 hrs we was at top where they mind Atagoyama stones with bulldozers 

On the way to the min Super beautiful Japanese Nature !

Little friend on the way :D My GF suddenly walked a LOT Faster hahaha.. .

 On the Half way we stopped for some salted Tea at Tukinowa Buddhist temple

And after 3 hrs of walk we finally arrived, here you see all left overs chunks from Atagoyama Stones !

Stones is very fragile and unusable, but some do collect those leftover and try to sell them to overseas :P  

They are leftovers for a reason hehe.. 

Old workshop where they used to cut up the stones

Unusable Cut offs from Big stones

At Atagoyama mountain they used bulldozers thats why you see almost only huge stones from Atago !
They took huge chunks from mountain and then planted new trees there. Japanese people do not like to take something from Nature so it is part of the reason why they stopped !

The field where they took big chunk of the mountain with Bulldozers

We stopped over to different Stone dialers at Kyoto to look up some Rare stones, Prices and general what is Available there.

I was bit surprised how prices sky rocked just over 2 years. And some stones that was available 2 years ago now became super rare and not for sale anymore ! 

Here is some example of stones That was super expensive and NOT for Sale !

2 Hiderijama Suita very hard super rare as Hideriyama comes now only Soft 

The HARDEST Layer of suita from Ozuku 

Shoubudani Kiita Also Not for sale

Ozuku Karasu

Kizuyama i actually have one like that on my website, but they are so rare now that in Kyoto they are super expensive and this one is not for sale 

One more shoubudani NOT for sale 

 Nakayama Kiita quite small but also super Rare now and not for sale

Huge Saeki

2 Ozuku Big also very rare now 


Conclusion is that i am super lucky to secured Many super old stock stones that is now in Kyoto and Japan is not for sale or sold SUPER Expensive ! Specially Nakayamas Kiitas and many Ozukus that now becoming Rare too.

After all that we went to super nice restaurant in Kyoto. Super delicious !  And very good end of very busy day !

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