Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kato, Ohira Range, Hakka, Shoubu

New Package Arrival !

This time Fujiwara Kato

150 and 180mm Pettys
I did not get to many As he can not make them in big batches. So hurry up
Also updated the price to current Yen situation, so they are cheaper

Ohira Range Suitas with current price increase :(
But on bright site i still sell them much cheaper then any Jnat vendors out there Japan or overseas :D
And becoase of Yen of coarse!

This time very clean and with A LOT of range patterns

Beautiful red/orange Hakka super smooth this one !
Very good stone for knives

And only one Shoubudani type 100 for razors
Super cheap razor finisher

Thats it for today !

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