Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moving Web store

Time have come. I am not so happy with my website provider and i have been struggling for some time now to make all things like i want on my website but without any luck :(

I wanted to make my images much larger, better Mobile surfing, better navigation and finally also cheaper.
All that is impossible to do it will my current provider and they are also so outdated that i need it to do it now then later, before my website get even bigger and will be even difficult to move.

All my sale is on my website only, so i need it to be ahead of time and give you as best Images as Possible and as easy transaction as Possible.

So after testing other one for some time now i decided to move. it will cost me a bunch, but in the end i think i will save it with even better browsing :D RSS feeds for new products or Articles etc.
Move will be made Next week !!
We will try as hard as possible to safe ALL costumer, shipping address etc. 

For Passwords maybe new one will be send to you by email, then you can change it to what ever you want.

Thanks for your Support !! and please let me know what you dont like about my website now or will like to add somthing so we can change it in new :) 

I really look forward to Upgrading our website and Many new products and informations about our Blacksmiths and Natural stones !

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