Monday, June 24, 2013

New Knives and Stones on New Website

Very cool Butcher knife out of white 2 steel

I got inspiration for that one from very very old Shigefusa yanagai i have that was totally mis sharpened
i thought it was super profile for butchering

Honyaki 270mm Gyuto is now in stock and on Sale
You can find now all good deals in Sale section
To get more cool different knives i need somtimes to clear my stock

All new Jnats you can find here now they will all sort New first

Also i got Bunch of very very High quality Atagoyamas this time !
Suitas and Huge ones
All very very light color and super clean !! They was picked specially on my request for JNS as all other stones

Super Rare ozuku Suitas, i never good so cool Ozukus before

Some Weird Ohiras (not to expensive)

Karasu and Range koppa for knives or tools

And some VERY weird razor Finishers KOUZAKI new mine that i never got before
Kouzaki made some very good hard Aotos and now i got some finishers from the same mine.
Very very different and unusual razor finishers !

This stones did not made it, was sold before i even listed them

Ozuku Kiita Orange my favored of the whole batch

Atagoyama Huge Kiita, super smooth and super fine Atagoyama very rare color and sooo clean

Super clean Hideriyama White Suita, Put many Ohira range suitas to shame

1 comment:

  1. Nice stones. I am afraid your new site still has many issues. Say

    Extra hard and extra uniform Aoto !!!
    It took me loog time to find these !

    And lots of stones listed as not in stock.