Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kato Damascus Kikuryu

So before i went to vacation i started to work on some finishes for our new Kato Damascus Kikuryu

As always i keep one that i liked most to make some experiments :P
I have worked with Kato to not only make Kikuryu look good but also make it harder in Cladding and cladding that can remind me of fine layers of Tamahagene.

Thats why i ordered 4 different samples choose one of them and Kato and me start to improve on that.
These are most difficult to make for him and actually most difficult to polish. So i needed to Etch it a bit and give it Jnat finish and Nugui polish.
So our Kikuryu knives will be very limited and only made 3 at the time !

I hope you understand now how we work with Blacksmiths before we choose what knife to put on Sale on JNS website

Here are some Photos

This Knife will go on website Soon !! :D

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