Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kato, Folder, Jnats, Ali

Some new Products in stock !

I got only 2 standard Knives from Kato

Small Nakiri and Santoku They are not our Workhorse so FF is bit wars
But still some very cool small knives :D

Also ONE 240mm Gyutos is Back in stock !!

Second our new SKD Steel small Higonokami 50mm, I call it mushroom knife :P
Perfect size for go on hunt or some mushrooms :)

One quite big Hakka Very beautiful one and super clean !

Best Jnat stone for knives out there !

Razors !
Iwasaki 50mm also only one back in stock !
With some super beautiful custom made razors from Ali Blade France !

And last many inexpensive Jnats for razors ! Shoubudani Type 100

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