Friday, September 6, 2013

Hakkas, Razors and New

First Sorry all if i have been late to reply your emails or ship your packages, been bit sick so trying to catch up now. 
If you think i am to slow to reply please resend your message as it may be lost :( 

I got back 2 super nice extra big Hakkas in this 2 is very unique as they are bit harder then usual hakkas but still muddy and very easy to use !
They are in the store now  !

Also got some NOS razors

One super cool Japanese

And british

Both almost as new :) 

And for New Snick pick i got NEW Western Damascus Kuryu Kato 240mm Gyutos, Special Steel and Patterns made for JNS.
I will send them to Sweden on Monday for re handle with Ironwood Burl and Brass

 Have a nice weekend !!! 

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