Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shigefusa, Kato and Stones

I added many new products today :D

First I took some new pictures of Kato 240mm Gyutos
As we constantly working to improve our knives they got bit better Fit and finish.
And i showing it off with new pictures on WEB :)

And they are also in Stock now !!! 

And finally some more Shigefusa Knives made it in to the store !

2 x 180 mm Kasumi Wa Gyuto and 1x 210mm Wa Gyuto

JNS 1000 and FULL JNS sets is Back in the stock too

Many New Japanese Natural Stones is also now added 

Ozuku Koppas 


Nakayama Maruka Asagis 

Super Rare Shoubudani Karasu for razors ! 

Super rare Nakayama Maruka Suita 

Ohira Range Suitas 

Another rare beast Ozaki Suita

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