Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kiridashi, Asano Stones and Razor Stuff

Many new things is added to the store today :)

First Some Kiridashis is back in Stock and also new smaller size 200mm and 210 mm

And New Bigger Tasting spoon is also added

Asano Naguras

Also Asano nagura Set of 2 and Set of 3 is all back in stock !
With Many Oversized Botan Nagura and One single Koma Nagura :D

Also a Note: Asano started on some kind of new pricing, so all Yellow Marble stones cost more then Pure white. So you know why some with less gram cost more

New NOS Razors is also added But also many is back in stock :) as Staraet Super Straight razor 13/16, Towa 7074 and Aiku

New ones is Western kamisori

Nos Western Kamisori Chemical Steel A18

NOS Towa Western Kamisori 100

NOS Kyoei Superior Razor

And Last Stones For Razors !

Super Beautiful HARD Leopard Pattern Ozuku

Razor Sized hard Ozuku

Full Size Mizu Asagi Ozuku

And Nakayama Mizu Asagi Maruichi

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