Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swedish handles and Ozukus

I am back for work After our Nerd Gathering with some Beautiful people from Sweden, DK, Norway and UK.
Thank you all to take time come and visit me out in Nowhere in Dark Denmark :D

You can see some pictures from our gathering here !

One of those guys have also Made handles for the New Itinomonn i will show you here :)

2 More Pettys with super cool Rosewood Burl 
V2 Steel Clade with Stainless

And Only 1 Classy and simple, stabilized Ancient Kauri Handle 210mm Gyuto also V2 Steel Clade with Stainless

Also I got Shigefusa KU Single beveled 150mm Petty Back in stock ! 

And Many New Unique, Hard and Super fine Ozuku Stones for razors !

With them i also got some Asano sets Back in stock ! Asano Nagura set of 2 and Asano nagura set of 3 But VERY limited Stock !

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