Monday, December 2, 2013

New Stones

First Update on Tomo Nagura
Long waited bright small stones finally arrived :)

They are bigger then my normal Tomo Naguras and Lighter colors and good news is that Price stay Same !!

All are medium hardness
You can even split them and use them as finger-stones :) 

And i got Many new cool stones

Natural Sharpening Stones
Huge Atagoyama quite cheap for that HUGE rock !

Shinden Also very Beautiful stone with nashiji

Ohira range suita Double sided and softer then usual !

And Super Beautiful Uniform Hakka with some Red Spots

And also got some cheap small Stones

Hakka, Shinden and Kizuyama

And Razor Stones:

Nakayama Karasu

Ozuku Koppa

Also Some Wakasa, Tsushima Naguras is Back in stock !!!

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