Monday, March 31, 2014

Japan trip and Some News

This is the Last Shipment i get from Japan before my trip !!!

I will like to tell you a bit what i will do on Japan this time:
This time i will not go to Kyoto or any Stone shops.
I will only visit Blacksmith that i work with already:

This time i will try to Make Small movies About them and what they do
So that is my Main goal with this Japan visit
Of coarse like always i will learn some polishing sharpening technics there :)

I will be in Japan from 5th April 2014 to 16 April 2014
So i will not be able to answer your emails or ship any Packages at that time.
You will still be able to buy anything from my Web Store, But i will first Ship it when i get home
Last Shipping date before my trip is 4th April 2014

So now to what i got in todays Package :D

Some things is back in stock !!

Wooden Mandolin slicer is Back in stock !
Popular Japanese small Benriner is Back
Cool Japanese shears
Kato 210mm Workhorse Gyuto
Camellia Oil

Shigefusa 195mm Kasumi Usuba is in Stock now !! ONLY one

Asano Naguras
I got very good Size Asano Koma in stock only 2 :P

Some Botan Naguras extra Big

For NEW Stones

2 Very hard Ozuku Koppas

And 2 Very cool Ohira Range Suitas

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