Tuesday, March 11, 2014

T-shirts, New Stones and more

I got small package today from Japan

First what is back in stock :)
20 000 Kanyama Strop
All Atomas diamond plates 140, 400 and 600
Big beautiful light Tomo Naguras
Asano Naguras set of 3

I added New category with JNS Gear
New cool Polo Shirts is already in stock ! M-L-XL size

Some cool Aprons is on the way :D

Also i got some stones for Razors
Bunch of Shoubudani type 100, Beautiful fine small Razor finishers

2 Very Beautiful Nakayama san type

And 3 Big Super fine Ozuku for Razors

Also i got some new Rustic meat Choppers from itinomonn
Some of them is send out to Sweden to get New handles on
But i kept some to sell without, if you wish to be creative and make handle your self :D

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