Thursday, May 5, 2011

Iyoto 伊予砥 VS Bester 1000

Got Iyoto stone today from 330mate :)

I needed to try this one out !
330mate is only soars that i can get Iyotos from so i searched for one on his website and bought one for 9000 yen + shipping 3000 yen

Same time i bought Bester 1000 grit stone on German website for 37 euro + shipping 10 euro

So prices of Bester is cheaper but Iyoto is twice as big as Bester so for size they cost exactly the same !

Here is my impression:

Bester: Soft stone, cuts very fast, i love the feeling of that stone :) I permanent soak mine stone so it lives in water. Very easy to use, light colour make it so easy to see metal removal  !
Very good for beginner and pro. !

Iyoto: Hard stone, not so easy to use but with Nagura make it much easier and faster ! Splash and go stone, these stone will last a very long time. Bit slower then Bester but i think its because of hardens, finish is bit finer then Bester.
I like these stone a lot too :) Beautiful zebra colour!
Not for beginner !

Ok, here are some videos and Picture of finish
Knives in test White 2 steel laminated Pity and Tamahagene hole steel Gyuto !

Iyoto and Nagura (much faster) 

Iyo, Tmahagene 

Bester, Tamahagene 

Iyo, white steel laminated 

Bester, white steel laminated 

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  1. Thanks for doing this, Maksim. I'd always wondered why I didn't see much talk of these Iyoto stones.