Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Medium stones Test

Now where i have all stones home i will do a test between them :)

Stones in Test:  Iyoto, Coarse Aoto, Aizu, Blue Aoto and to make comparison more visible i test Hakka too that stone i use after medium stones.

That stone is the hardest off all very hard to make slurry !!! I guess this stone will work best with Nagura

Coarse Aoto: The softest stone off all very fast and muddy !

Aizu: Still very hard stone but with better feeling then Iyoto, it is fast hard and muddy all in one :) 

Blue Aoto: Smoothest stone with very nice feeling finest of medium stones, medium hard !

Hakka: That stone i use after Aotos and medium stones very nice polisher and i use it as final stone for western knifes.

I love medium naturals stones ! but good ones is hard to find and they are quite expencive because of size, weight and shipping cost.  
All these stones is very good for different tasks and its very hard to find witch one is the best for you and what you will use it for . 

I am still searching for good soars of Medium stones so i can add them to my shop but for know there are just to many bad ones :( 

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