Thursday, November 24, 2011

Japan trip 4 Yoshikane Sanjo

After very nice trip to Shigefusa i was really excited to visit Yoshikane
Next day we took to his workshop to see his knifes and try to forge our own :)

Yoshikane have much bigger workshop then Shigefusa ! But also much bigger variety of knifes, he makes everything from small field knifes to huge single beveled debas ! In any steel.
If you need to make something special and difficult you order from Yoshikane !
He is very experimental and loves to make new finishes or new designs or use different steels.

Here with help of blacksmith we trying to use power hammer for first time :D 

Forging of Yanagi 

Hehe it was quite difficult for us to use new tools, but very nice experience !! 

One of Yoshikanes creations blue steel Deba single bevelled, it is so sharp that you can shave with it !! 
He told me it took one week just to forge that knife !

Huge yanagis in display 

I had also very good impression of Yoshikane and his workshop very nice people !! 
And they let us try to foge some knifes, that was amazing.  


  1. those power hammers are tough to use... the whole speed control thing was tough to get the first few minutes i was using one. Looks like your first attempts were better than mine ;)

  2. Haha Jon yes you can easily get in trouble with that hammer, it was very difficult for me too :)