Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Master. Hasegawa Kouzaburou Genno

We have gotten VERY limited and RARE amount of Master Hasegawa Kouzaburou Hammers !!!

Master Hasegawa Kouzaburou Considered as the God of hammersmith, from Sanjyo, Niigata, he was THE best master blacksmith until he passed away in 2004 .
His hammers is state of Art and imposible to get even in Japan !!
They are considered as the best Hammers ever made. And very sought after amount collectors in Japan and overseas.

The hammers that we got is over 30 years old when he was at his best in his career. Never offered before to oversea costumers !!!

He was master of Doushinsai Masatsura and Aida Hiroki

We have his Kasumi series weight 120g,160g,195g,240g,475g,580g,685g,765g
Price starts from 80 000 yen to 125 000 yen

When you buy one of his hammers, you buy piece of Art and Japanese blacksmith history.

Email me for purchase details and how to order !!

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