Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 new Zensho

I got a description and measurements on 2 of my new Zensho knives

This Zensho line is made by Mr. Kunio Isikawa from Sanjo, Niigata.
He working alone in his small workshop and makes all by hand.
As he went older he limited only his production to Nakiri and Santoku (home knives). Thats why we choose him for these knives.
When we visited Sanjo we have seen how much work he puts in his knives and how he makes all work only by him self.
We ordered his knives already when we was in Japan but because Isikawa san was ill and went to a hospital, we only got them this month.
We are very lucky to cary some of his knives in our store !!

Here is our knives in work:

Both knives are made extra wide :)

Santoku 180mm 

Steel: Blue 2 Stainless Cladding
Handle: Ho wood D shape

Nakiri 180mm 

Steel: Blue 2 clad with Stainless steel
Handle: Ho wood D shape

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