Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stuff to myself :)

I got these new tools for my self some time ago but i will like to share them with you all in one post :)

First very nice gift from my supplier Very old White 1 steel Kiridashi

That one is probably hardest steel i ever handled very crisp and hard take super sharp edge ! 

My own 2 Gennos Japanese Hammers special edition golden flower from Master Baba Masayuki.
I made the handle on big one from some wood from my garden :) Small one is from rosewood perfect for pinning razors 

Here is one that is very rare !!!  
15 years old Shigefusa 130mm hunting knife, steel is very clouded like on damaskus you can not see it on the picture. 
From the looks it did not look as much, but in use that is truly amazing hunting knife !!  
Grind is like on the sword very convex and can take a lot of beating. It holds forever sins i got it 3 month ago i still did not touch it up or sharpen it at all and stil it is razor sharp !  
If you can get one in Japan old stock they run from 80 000 yen and up 

This one is Yoshikane white steel Hunting knife 120mm with ironwood handle and unknown wood saya that i made my self, my first saya :) 

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