Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Products

I am making bit changes in my store with some new categories and fixing small stuff.
Also i am quite busy of making my new Storage building where i will take some classes or people can come and look at stones and knives i have for sale :D

I am also expending a bit with some new stuff from Sanjo handmade kitchen utilities and some more tools. There will be more stuff next couple of weeks :D
So please forgive me if i am to slow of answering emails and ship your packages !! 

But here in this week i have already added some of new things.

Shoubudani Type 100 stones in stock, budget finisher for razors :)

Wakasa very very Beautiful stone Love Wakasas :D 
 Razor finisher

Couple of extra hard Ozuku Razor size 

Collector grade Nakayama Nashiji Kiita  

Shoubudani Lv 5+

Big Wakasa for Razors 

Stainless steel stone holder extra strong 

New JNS Synthetic Aoto with mixed grit 

Japanese Mortar That i self use

Tsushima Nagura small size for knives and for razor use

Very Cheap Ohira Toma Stones ! Knives 

Wa Polishing powder 

I am working on many more things so stay tuned :D 

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