Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stone Prices !

Ok since i started to colect Jnats i have seen some huge price change on some of the stones, some is more then 100 % in 4 month.
I figured you guys will like to know what stones will rise in price in the very near future, and what stones is best to invest in !

This list can change very fast:
But her you go

Ohira Range Suita
Nakayama Kiita
Ozuku kiita
Nayakayama karasu
Asano Naguras

All kiitas almost, not Ohira, Hideryama or Honyama (many label them as Nakayama now ) the biggest price change i have seen on very bright hard Yellow stones, Nakayama is the biggest winer. Hard Kiitas is most searched after so they are the most expensive.

Karasu very big price increase for the last half year but only on harder ones soft stayed at same price

All bright stones in General got up 20 or 40 % last 3 month

Suitas very big price change also all suitas soft and hard but hard is of coarse more expensive ! As woodworkers in Japan want them

Asano naguras more then 100 % Price increase in last 6 month: Botan and Koma is now very rare !! (only Naguras with red Asano stamp ) sword polishers big demand

Uchigomori finger stones or stones also sword polishers fault, almost only Ohira produce now and they are quite expensive

Okudo Suitas, Shinden the good ones almost gone (a lot of crapy ones in the marked so be careful )

Ok i think thats it for now, i will add some more later.
This will not go in my WiKi as it is quite unstable stuff

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